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Welcome to the Dragon Family web site
This site has been developed as a resource for persons interested in the genealogy of the Dragon Family.  
The consolidation of this material has taken many hours over many years, and would not have been possible without the help of many different people. Suffice it to say, this has been a group effort, which I hope it continues to be.

The First Great Family Reunion - Summer 2006

We're planning a family reunion for descendants of Louis Quay dit Dragon for the Summer of 2006 in St. Denis sur Richelieu. We sure could use help with this; as it is a volunteer effort. If you are interested in helping; or even attending; please drop us an .

The First Dragon
I have yet to have been able to discover the origin of Louis Quay dit Dragon; his date of birth, the names of his parents, or from what part of France he emigrated. Many of the records I have collected have not been verified. Here is what we do know

Good and Bad Sources of information
The good fortune of those interested in the genealogy of French-Canadians is well known as the parish records of baptisms, marriages, and burials were fastidiously maintained. Click here to read more

The Places from which we came
Not far from Montreal, an easy daytrip is St. Denis-sur-Richelieu, in the Richelieu River Valley, an area dotted with small villages, churches, and farmhouses. Louis Quay dit Dragon was one of the first settlers of that township, where descendants of the family remained for generations afterward... read more about the Dragons in St. Denis

'Dragon dit Ethier' branch
While Louis settled in Saint-Denis, his son, also named Louis, remained in Boucherville, with descendants migrating to southern Quebec. That branch of the family established itself in the villages of St. Valentin, St. Luc, Napierville, St. Cyprien, and other communities of that region, and eventually formed the basis for the Dragons in upstate New York and Vermont. Members of that family went by 'Dragon dit Ethier', and as 'Ethier' often becam 'Etier', 'Equet', 'Ackey', and even 'Hickey', tracking their migration southward can be daunting. Read more about the variations on a name.

Dragons Rebelling
In 1837 during the famous French-Canadian uprisings, the Dragons lived in the very centers of the fiercest battles. And of course, they were involved. ....read more

Many Thanks
To study the genealogy of this family means not only to be involved in the workings of what is vastly more complicated than any jigsaw puzzle, but also to delve into the histories of two countries, several states, spanning a time of 300 years, and several wars. It is not only a matter of dates and places, but a remarkable revelation of a will to survive, by a people who suffered through some horrible ordeals. This work is dedicated to them. Secondly, to the many people who have provided information, I owe a debt of gratitude. Without them, this could not have happened. Thirdly, I dedicate this work to the many new children born to our families, as it is with them that rest our greatest hopes.

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