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The Dragon Family Association

Since I've compiled this genealogy and posted it on the internet, I've heard from many distant cousins. A few have asked about the possibility of creating a "family association" for Dragons. I think its a terrific idea, only it would require involvement by many people.

These are some of the things we could accomplish if we formed a family association:

  • Make a newsletter: I know of one family association that puts out a very nice quarterly newsletter. The publishers gather stories from various family members, and include various tid-bits about happenings.

  • Have a Reunion!: This could be fun, even if most of us are fifth cousins twice removed! Besides, it could be a great excuse to plan a trip to Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu (which would be my vote for a great place for the reunion).

If this interests you, you might be interested in Helping.

Or, contact Ric Dragon

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