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My own forays into genealogy started out with the database at the local "Family History Center", the genealogy library of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. While the resources there were invaluable, a lot of the information I came across sent me on quite a few blind paths.

There is a wonderful set of books available to researchers; primarily the seven volumn set by Cyprian Tanguay. Unfortunately, of our ancestor, Louis Quay dit Dragon, the famous book seems to be a bit wrong. Tanguay states that Louis Quay dit Dragon was a Sargeant in the Marigny Company, in the Carignan Regiment, and that he died in Montreal in 1712. The Carignan Regiment disbanded in the 1660's; and we have a very clear record from the Parish of Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu stating that Louis Quay dit Dragon died in 1750 , at the age of 85. J.B.A. Allaire, a historian who wrote about the village of St. Denis-sur-Richelieu perpetuated the mistake, probably citing Tanguay: "Louis Quay-dit- Dragon, French, and veteran sergeant of the Marigny Company, was in 1740 a "vieillard" of 75 , an elder of the area. (...) Coming from France before 1694, he had for a long time fought for the defense of his adopted country.

* [Allaire also wrote that Louis had been married to Catherine Giard, but it was his son who had been her spouse. With that great mistake on hand, it must be assumed that Allaire's information must not be believed too readily!] "His son, Francois was the captain of the local militia, and one of the first churchwardens of the parish."

A Marriage that didn't happen...
Another common piece of information I've come across is a marriage between Marie Angelieque LaFontain. As I never could come up with any supporting evidence of that marriage or its issue, I was relieved when Dominique Ritchot wrote an article which was published in
the journal of the Société Généalogique Canadienne-Française laying the fallacy to rest. The author, was kind enough to permit me to reprint the article here.


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