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Since I started this genealogy, the resources on the web have multiplied many times over. There are a few links that are of great value.

General Genealogy Links

  • Family Search: The Church of the Latter Day Saints - has 1880 US Census, and 1881 Canadian Census

  • Cyndi's List: this one is pretty comprehensive; a great starting place.

  • Periodically, I join up and glean whatever info I can.

  • US Genweb


French Canadian

  • GenWeb du Quebec : The GenWeb Project is still relatively new; but ultimately will probably be responsible for the digitizing of a great amount of valuable genealogical data.  There are a lot of new resources available in French-Canadian genealogy; and this site has links to most of them.





    • Quintan Publications: This is a fabulous resource. I purchased my copy of Histoire de Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu; and that was after unsucessfully scouring a bunch of used book shops in Montreal!

    • Hope Farm Press: This publisher in Saugerties, NY is a great source of genealogical books with a specialization of the North East United States.


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