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Louis Quay dit Dragon

I have yet to have been able to discover the origin of Louis Quay dit Dragon; his date of birth, the names of his parents, or from what part of France he emigrated. Many of the records I have collected have not been verified.

His first marriage, around 1700, was to Marie-Marthe Richaume. Then, his last marriage, in 1709, was to Catherine Couillard. (The Couillards were a prominent family, but probably suffered in esteem when, in 1703, Catherine's sister, Marie-Anne was found guilty of the murder of her own husband).

There are several records of Louis' activities in the notarial records of New France, mostly regarding the purchasing or sale of property. His name is given as "Louis Gue dit Ledragon", "Louis Que dit Dragon", "Louis Equet dit Dragon", all pretty similiar to the ear. Many people of that time had "dit names", which mostly seemed to have been the nicknames of soldiers. There is quite a bit of surmisal regarding these names, and the one thing that is certain about them is that they add a bit of color to our study of the time.

(I) Louis Quay dit Dragon

b. 1649 (?) or 1642(?), France ? According to the records of the parish of St. Denis, ; died. 7-11-1750, at 85 years.

  • Marriage I., Marie-Marthe Richaume (Pierre + Marthe Arnue) 1700, d. 28-07-17031, Contracoeur.

    • 3. Marie-Josette, b. 1701, m. Rene David, 4-01-1719

    • 4. Francois, b. 1701, m. Henriette-Charlotte Giard m2. Marie-Joseph Bourgaud, 1733

    • 5. Louis, b. 30-03-17022, Contracoeur, m. Louise Charbonneau

  • Marriage II., Catherine Couillaud 3(or Cojean) 4-02-1709

      ) unknown mother:

    • 7. Marie-Catherine, d. 1708, Contracoeur4

Additional records:

  • 16-10-1699, (Adhemar): Bail a ferme d'une terre situee en la seigneurie de Contrecoeur;
    par Jean Brunet dit Lasabloniere, de la ville de Villemarie, a Louis Gue dit Ledragon. (note different spelling of names)

  • 16-08-1700, (Raimbault) Vente d'une terre situee en la seigneurie de Repentigny; par Jacques Richaume et
    Marguerite Gration, son epouse, de la seigneurie de Repentigny, Pierre Moreau dit Francoeur
    et Elisabeth Richaume, son epouse, de la ville de Villemarie.

  • 7-11-1702, (Raimbault); Vente de terre situee au lieu de la Montagne; par Marie-Marthe Richaume,
    epouse actuelle de Louis Que dit Dragon, son epoux,
    presentement absent de la seigneurie de St Ours, epouse anterierure de Gilles Monin dit Lafleur,
    a Pierre

  • 01-05-1715 (Tetreault)
    Concession d'un banc; par la Fabrique de la paroisse Tres-Ste-Trinite-de-Contrecoeur,
    a Louis Equet dit Dragon et Catherine Couillau, son epouse.


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