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Dragons in Lee, MA

transcribed from the Records at the Town Hall of Lee, MA

Date Name father mother occupation of father father's
22 Jan 1900 George E. Dragon George Jennie J. Meluis machinist Lee, MA Lee, MA
8 Jun 1900 Hazel L. Louis Lillie L. McCarthy wineclerk Lee, MA Monterey
31 Mar 1902 Florence M. George Jenny Melius      
17 Jul 1904 Donald B. George Jenny Melius      
17 Jul 1904 Dorothy George Jenny Melius      
21 Aug 1907 Mary L. George Jennie Melius      
20 Aug 1910 Gertrude M. Arthur W. Lillie Coles Machinist Lee, MA Lee, MA
16 Jan 1911 Olive C. George D. Jennie Melius      
10 Feb 1915 George George Jennie Melius      
Date Name age cause father mother birthplace
19 Sep 1904 Dorothy B. 2 m. 7d. malnutrition George Jennie Melius  
28 May 1909 Mary Lucille 21 m. 6d. Cerebral Meningitis George D. Jean Meluis (sic)  
7 Mar 1911 John B. 68 yrs cancer of stomach John not known Canada
22 Mar 1911 George Jr. 11 yrs. Scarlet Fever George Jennie Melius  
24 Apr 1912 Arthur
(died Westfield State Sanitarium)(machinist)
29 y. 8m. 12 d pul. Tuberculosis George (b. Canada) Ellen Tilton (b. Canada) Lee

groom/bride age occupation place of birth father mother
28 Jan 1899
George D. 21 paper maker Lee John B. Helen Fillio
Jane J. Melius 21 at home Lee Charles R. Flora Sturgis
15 Aug 1904
William E. McDermott 27 Wine Clerk   Peter Josephine Blondes
Margaret E. 29   Lee John Helen A. Filio
9 Oct 1908
Timothy E. Healy 27 Papermaker   Thomas H. Mary Flynn
Mary H. 27     John Helen Fillio
7 Aug 1909
Arthur W. 26 Machinist Lee John Helen Fillio
Lillie E. Coles 19   Lee Charles E. Eliza Virigrant
15 Oct 1917
William G. Thomas 32 Carpenter NY City James  Emily Wintle
Helen Agenes Dragon 27 Clerk Lee John Helen Fillio
18 Jan 1937
John Dennis Hayes 44 Salesman Lee John Eliz Coughlin
Clara Lillian Dragon 46 clerk Lee John Helen Fillio


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